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Don Mertz
Owner/Dealer Principal


Sales & Leasing

Mike Rich
General Manager

Geoff "V" Valdejo
Sales & Leasing Consultant
618-476-3051 x 110

Ryan Beyer
Finance Manager
618-476-3051 x 108

Ryan was born and raised in Millstadt, and, he feels quite lucky to be able to work in his hometown. In fact, when the weather is nice, he drives a golf cart to work! Yes, he lives that close. 

As our Finance Manager, Ryan has the privilege of guiding our clients through the finance & warranty options available to them. His goal each time he sits down with a client to make sure they are protecting their vehicle. Ryan worked previously as a Sales Representative, so he has the knowledge and experience to answer almost any question that is thrown at him. 

Ryan purchased the house in Millstadt where he grew up. And, along with his wife, Kayla, he lives there with his kids, Charlotte and Chandler! 

Clint Erlinger



JR White
Parts & Service Director
618-476-3051 x 114

Almost ten years ago, in the year 2010, JR joined Mertz Ford as a Porter. After putting in his time detailing vehicles and performing the other tasks that he was charged with, he moved into the position of an Oil Change Technician. Time has flown by, JR has served in different roles here at Mertz and currently holds the job of Parts Manager. But, that doesn't mean that you won't see him sitting at the service desk or under a vehicle assisting a technician. Our entire team knows that JR will help you with almost anything you need! Before he joined Mertz Ford, JR's first job was corralling carts at Target. 

When he isn't at the dealership, you will find JR spending time at home with his wife, son, daughter and a menagerie of fur-babies! He has also been known to sit back, relax and play his guitar. 

We hope you'll stop in the dealership soon and spend a minute chatting with JR. Oh, and bring pizza because it is his favorite food!



Donna Campbell
Office Manager
618-476-3051 x 104


Hospitality Team

Shelby Mertz
The Greeter

If you haven't had the opportunity to meet Shelby yet, you'd better stop by soon!

Shelby is a Goldendoodle who was born on June 9, 2013; and, she runs the dealership. She carries the newspaper in each morning and delivers it to our lounge where she will happily exchange it for a treat. Shelby waits anxiously to greet out mail-carrier who always has a treat for her. She also has a repertoire of tricks that she will perform in exchange for a treat.  Shelby spends the majority of her time sleeping under one of our desks. But, she will happily wake up and come running for a treat. Is anyone noticing a trend when it comes to Shelby & treats???

Shelby enjoys walks, checking in on the service department, playing with a tennis ball in the showroom and hanging out under the popcorn cart in hopes of a fallen morsel. She knows if someone is having a bad day and she is always ready to comfort.

If you would like to see more pictures of Shelby, check out our Facebook page! Shelby's a great greeter and we hope you come visit her!